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Our products for PVC-welding and PTFE-fabric welding

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PTFE Welding Machine, Laminating press and Heating plates
PTFE Welding Machine, Laminating press and Heating plates
PTFE Welding Machine, Laminating press and Heating plates
PVC welding machine
PVC welding machine
Silikon Coated Fabirc & Welding Tape
PTFE/Silikon welding machine
- Stabile steel frame design - Digital pressure control - Water chiller - Large space backside - Less manpower demand
Standard PTFE welding machine for architecture
Handwelding Standardgeräte 160 mm x 55 mm
PTFE-Hand-Tool-600 mm x 55 mm
PTFE Hand Welding Set
Impuls bar welder
Control panel for Impuls bar welder
Type EA 1000 2
Type 300 55
ETFE hand tacker tool
Conveyor belt
Conveyor belt welding press
Mobile PTFE welding press
SWP2400 E
PTFE WELDING MACHINE - IMS Dessau (Type 600 100)
ETFE Machine

Applications (ETFE -PTFE - PVC)

Product examples and services

We offer PVC-welding and HF-welding machines for a wide power range from 8 kW to 25 kW.
We install the equipment on request and provide maintenance and service for it.

Standard beam length 1000 mm x 100 width / can be integrated up to 1200 mm

For welding PTFE coated glass fabric, for silicone coated fabric, for EPDM materials. For the production of industrial expansion joints with the latest control technology and high-precision fast heating technology, low hysteria, exact temperature control, sectional exact pressure control / Newton / qcm for reproducible process data.

Adaptation elements for different seam lengths and seam widths. Available with cooling system in the press cycle or as a cooling plate (water cooling).
- Best seam strength
- Optically flawless separation
- With laser system to optimize the process speed during positioning possible

380 V / 50 HZ / 32 A
Also available with overhead extraction of all pollutants during the welding process. Available in combination with filter unit.

We also supply hand welding devices in dimensions 160 mm x 55 mm to 220 mm x 120 mm
and 300 mm x 60 mm as well as TEMPERATURE control devices for hand welding devices and HEATING PLATE systems

Our systems can be used stationary or mobile via rails and table.

We also offer a design-solution workshop. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not hesitate to contact us

We support you in the planning, design and manufacture of your machine